Net Art Anatomy

Workshop for MozFest 2014


Collage the Web

Make a web collage with, NewHive or Sawbaum. Bonus: Incorporate the output of those working around you.


Make a formalist composition with Bootstrap. Bonus: Combine elements from multiple web interface frameworks.

Download Bootstrap
Other front-end frameworks
Geocities Bootstrap theme (for laughs)
Alexi Shulgin Form Art

Procedural Tweeting

Working from example code, make a twitterbot.

starter project
twit node package documentation
Twitter bot exmaple 1
Twitter bot exmaple 2

Glitch Interventions

Compose a zalgo glitch for social media. Click "Toggle Reference Sheet" in the Zalgo generator (linked). Copy and paste these characters into a text editor to build up diacritical marks. Bonus: Crash the browser.

Zalgo generator (click Toggle Reference Sheet)
glitchr example