Webrecorder Interoperability

Ilya Kreymer and Mark Beasley

What is Webrecorder?

  • Web Archiving Tool for Everyone!
  • Symmetrical Archiving
  • Same system for recording and replay
  • High-fidelity, interactive, user-driven archiving
  • Open source you can run your own instance
  • Goal: Contextual, Crowd Source Web Archiving

Recent Developments

Streamlined Replay UI

Quick Demo

Currated / Narrative Archives

Presented at Digital Social Memory Conference
@ New Museum, NY(live stream)

Webrecorder APIs

  • User download and upload of WARCs (and ARCs)
  • APIs for download and upload
  • APIs for collection management, metadata, bookmarks
  • Webrecorder comprised of distinct components
  • Working towards comprehensive API

Interop: Archive Patching

  • Patch or augment any existing web archive, per URL
  • Record missing content from existing archives
  • Supports any Memento API or CDX Server API capable web archives
  • Download WARC of patched content
  • Demo


  1. Users Patch an existing archive
  2. Client downloads WARCs from Webrecorder via WASAPI
  3. Client ingests WARCs into existing archive
  4. Repeat as necessary!

Interop: Archive Extraction

  • Extract content from existing archives
  • Create new precise WARCs
  • Download WARC of extracted content
  • Demo

Interop: Offline Player

  • Introducing Webrecorder Player
  • Standalone Desktop App
  • View Webrecorder collections Locally
  • Could use WASAPI to sync from remote Webrecorder
  • DEMO!

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