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Net Art Anatomy workshop at MozFest 2014

Net Art Anatomy is a Rhizome workshop which I facilitated on October 26th at MozFest 2014 in London.

Union jack by participant Béatrice Lajous uses Bootstrap, a popular web interface framework, as raw material for a browser-based work in the tradition of Alexi Shulgin’s Form Art. Update: participant Thomas Parisot has put a Live Union Jack on JSFiddle–a tool created by Mozillian Piotr Zalewa.

We began by looking together at examples of internet art by seminal artists–from JODI, recent winners of the Prix Net Art prize, to @Horse_ebooks (if a phenomenon may be considered an artist).

A list of email addresses (redacted). The who’s who for this next wave of future net art.

The workshop imbues a deep appreciation for the practices, both technical and conceptual/critical, used in making internet art, and an understanding of the life of media technologies outside their prescribed historical or functional roles.

Net Art Anatomy from rhizomedotorg

Net Art Anatomy may be coming to a high school classroom near you. New Hive, a canvas for web-native expression (see Harry Burke’s piece on Rhizome), is a potential teaching aid. For more on the workshop, check out the instructions for projects and MozFest’s Art Track Tumblr. A good sense of the conference ethos can be gleamed from these images on Flickr–some of which feature my head.

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